"We women are so strong; let this be your chance to prove to the world and yourself"

Breast Reconstruction Specialists in Atlanta


This website is devoted to the celebration of life and living that comes through recovery and healing from breast cancer. Relying on the inspiring words and beautiful women who have had breast reconstruction following breast cancer, Drs. Diane Alexander and Bernadette Wang Ashraf show why there is nothing more rewarding in their plastic surgery practice than helping survivors feel healthy, beautiful, and whole again.

Breast cancer will be diagnosed in over 175,000 women this year, and this website is about hope and future for them, their families, and friends.

“Grateful for having breast cancer? Strange, but true. It tried to take away my hair, but my hair grew back with a new, luxurious fullness.It tried to deform my body, but my body looks better now than when I was 25. It tried to take away my courage, but it has made me fearless. And it tried to take away my future, but it has empowered me. Thank you, Cancer.”– Marianna, breast cancer survivor

We hope to illuminate what can be found on the other side of treatment and the journey – women who are stronger, who feel beautiful and feminine, and who have found that through perseverance they have come to experience a sense of wholeness and well-being that they had never completely felt before.