"We women are so strong; let this be your chance to prove to the world and yourself"


“When I received ‘the call,’ I was devastated. My concern was my long-term health, and I had no consideration for my physical looks. I concentrated on being positive about health issues and beating the breast cancer. I chose bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction because I thought it would decrease my chance of recurrence. Plus, with both breasts gone, I wouldn’t have to undergo chemotherapy. My other option was lumpectomy with chemo, but being an R.N. who had cared for oncology patients many years ago, I knew that was a route I didn’t want to travel unless it was absolutely necessary. Reconstruction was just part of the package my surgeon offered to me with the mastectomies, so I chose that avenue.

“My first encounter with my plastic surgeon was one that changed me from being so traumatized to being a woman who could actually look at reconstruction for what it is and what it actually offers to each breast cancer patient. My focus, as I told her, was not on beauty, but on health. With her encouragement, I finally looked at the photos of other patients who had gone through surgery for breast cancer and reconstruction. I found that the pictures exhibited not only normalcy, but also health. I trusted her to take care of making my body look whole and as normal as possible.

“The morning after my surgery, one of the first things I did was to look at my chest. Seeing the beginning of my new breasts gave me hope for my future. I was also pleasantly surprised at how my body looked, and I found it to be far ‘prettier’ than I had expected!! I knew that I had beaten the disease, and it was only my belief in that fact that would carry me forward as I continued my travel on the road to continued health.

“My family’s and friends’ support and encouragement helped me immensely. I found a deep inner strength within myself that blossomed partly due to me, but also due to their positive attitudes and the positive reinforcement given to me by my surgeons and their staffs. Although I ended up with a year of a specific oncology treatment, I continued to receive much support and encouragement from these individuals. To this day, I carry each pf them in a special place within my heart.

“A new me was born the day I had surgery to rid my body of breast cancer. Not only do I have new and beautiful breasts that make me feel physically whole, I have an entire new attitude and appreciation of life itself.