"We women are so strong; let this be your chance to prove to the world and yourself"


“About 20 years ago, when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, the doctors were not optimistic. They removed the right breast, and they sent me home. After my survival, which ‘surprised’ almost everyone, I lived with a prosthesis—uncomfortable, unattractive, and so very degrading for any woman. Breast reconstruction was not discussed the first time. The doctors were so confident that I wasn’t going to live.

“When I was diagnosed with cancer again—another type that could only be dealt with by mastectomy, I felt I couldn’t figure out how to face life with no breasts. My plastic surgeons were more than ‘up’ to the challenge of rebuilding my body and my ‘hurt feelings.’

“I chose to be ‘low profile’ and quiet about the second bout with cancer, concentrated on ‘attitude’ and good health practices. It worked! I survived and have enjoyed several more years with my wonderful family. And here I am, a little old lady now!

“I am blessed.”