"We women are so strong; let this be your chance to prove to the world and yourself"


“The decision to have a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction was the easiest and best decision I have ever made.

“My mother passed away from breast cancer when I was 12 years old. I remember her going to the doctor, coming back sick, and losing her hair, and pretty much unknowingly, I watched her disappear. She tried Chemo and Radiation—didn’t work. When you are 12 years old, you do not realize or grasp that the mother you have always known and loved will soon be taken away from you.

“This terrible Cancer haunted me … up at night wondering if this time this lump was it. I just knew that I was going to go through the same pain and agony my mother went through.

“Now that I have a daughter, it was more important to me than ever to find some way to prevent my family from going through what I went through with my mother. The helpless feelings of not being able to do anything to help or stop this disease! I DO NOT want my daughter to have the images of me that I have of my mother.

“After my surgery, I now have the peace of mind of knowing that MY family will NOT go through what my mother went through all because of Breast Cancer! If this is the ONE thing I can control and prevent—WHY NOT!??? Now when I take showers, I am not scared to see if I will find something this time. I go to sleep at night with a smile, and I wake up to the best gift of all … my family. And because of my reconstruction, not only do I have beautiful breasts, but I can now spend that time fully with my family instead of worrying about the ‘what if’s’ of breast cancer.”